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Ruta Valparaíso is a tourism route company whose aim is to approach passengers and tourists to the experience of getting to know Valparaíso. More than just seeing places, more than simply visiting the most outstanding places or doing city walks and tours, what we seek is to translate, to generate the encounter, the meeting between the visitors and the particular identity of the city inhabitant known as the “Porteño”.

We are Insiders. Local tour guides who are familiar with the inner and exclusive codes, who know the way, who cross lines that nobody crosses.

The tourism routes of Ruta Valparaíso are not traditional routes in the technical sense; monuments, museums, tourists’ areas, etc. The tourism routes and the way they are carried out are fitted to the city. They are not only about Valparaíso. They are about the city and their people.

For this reason, the circuits are private and not regular. They are done on demand and through the booking of any of our tourists programs. We devote ourselves in an exclusive way to the visitor or passenger who wishes to enjoy our way of seeing the city.

In a Ruta Valparaíso circuit, you will walk throughout the city, you will take public transport with your guide, you will venture through alleys and markets, you will have the opportunity of talking and interacting with the people of the city, you will have close contact with the places and their inhabitants. You will hear the story of the city and its particular geographic physiognomy. You will receive explanations about small details that become big details always related to our history and our particular way of life. For Ruta Valparaíso, a small place or small event may become a great story to reveal.

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We will be waiting for you in Valparaíso, the city of wind and the unending dream of the marine skyline.

Leo Silva and Cristian Blanco
Head guides.


Leo Silva: English - Portuguese - French - Spanish

Leo is the Founding Director of Ruta Valparaíso. He was originally a Graphic Designer and a Publicist. Leo is a typical and enthusiastic “Porteño”. Born and raised in Valparaíso, he feels tremendously identified with his city, which is why he enjoys and promotes it.

Leo edits his blog “Andanzas por Valparaíso”, where he periodically writes about issues that he observes during his tours; Identity, places, anecdotes and authentic urban comments of the city.

He adores cultural interchange and loves to travel. Leo has been able to travel to different parts of Latin America and Europe. It´s no small detail that he loves music, films and books. Leo loves to unravel himself through friendly and relaxed conversations.

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Cristian Blanco: English - Spanish

Cristián is an Associate Director of Ruta Valparaíso. He is a Professional Tourism Industry Manager. Born in Valparaíso, but grew up in the University of Pennsylvania campus (Philadelphia, USA), while his father obtained his PhD. This experience made him a native, 100% fluent bilingual speaker as well as marked his multiculturalism. He has travelled to many countries within Europe and South America.

As a way to reconnect with his roots, Cristián became passionate about the local and country´s culture. He has travelled Chile from tip to tip, having also worked in local and international Tourism companies like American Airlines and Royal Caribbean.

Cristián transmits his passion in each tour. He possesses high quality service standards and is enthusiastic and dynamic as well. He has had lifelong contact with the tourism industry and is Associate Director of Ruta Valparaíso since 2011.


Isaac Reyna: Spanish - English

Isaac graduated as a Tourism and Hotel Technician. Born and raised in Valparaíso, he is a proud “Porteño” and his passion manifests when the local football team “Santiago Wanderers” plays.

Isaac has developed an interesting activity as a storyteller on public transportation (trolley buses) within the city, for which he dresses in a gentleman´s costume from the beginning of the XX Century, thus becoming a true character within this city.

Isaac is an enthusiastic, dynamic and happy person. He loves telling urban stories and legends, and of course, this makes him a guide of Ruta Valparaíso.


Danae Faraldo: Spanish - English

Danae graduated as a Tourism Technician. She was born and raised in Valparaíso. Like every “Porteño”, she loves her city unconditionally. She worked for many years in the Museum House of Pablo Neruda, “La Sebastiana”.

She loves the multicultural character of Valparaíso, which is why she is currently offering her services as a support guide during high season.


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